We have our missions to provide:

Filming Responsibility: We will provide the best for every possible proffessional filming crews, permits, customs, gears, props, talents, locations, all logestics  to our clients or local & foreign film company and crews with care, friendly working environment and proffesional manner.

Travelers Responsibility: We will provide the best unique experiences to our travelers in adventure and archeological tour to Angkor temple complex, Nature and Eco tourism to the lake, and all around Cambodia in best value for our travelers.

Financial Responsibility: We are carefully managing the proposed budget and expenses, and documented and filed carefully and professionally in the professional manner on time to fit with all kinds of budget to our clients.

Associates Responsibility: We will provide our associates, and local crews with proffessional developement and maintain the competitive compensation and training skills in relative to the industry and community. We will conduct business with our respect for each individual and their role within the organization.

Social Responsibility: We provide the services to help our donor to support and provide sanitation, clean water well project to poor children and poor people around Siem Reap, Cambodia, and we are working for more donation to help the misfortunate children in Cambodia..!