Khin Po-Thai (Thai)

Thai was born in the large tall stilt village or floating village on Tonle Sap lake during the Khmer Rouge period ruled Cambodia. As a young boy later he was forced to serve in government army in the civil war in 1990 flighting civil war 1990, However he was fortunately able to finish high school, went to law school in the capital but he did not practice law, then he gratulated to be an offical tour guide in Angkor in 1997. He used to work for World Monuments Fund for restoration works as Public Relations and a Fixer in Angkor, then he changed his career to be involved in filming business. He is interested in photography, wild life, histry and social issues, and probably his best skills is working with people. As freelance He joined the travel company working as freelance leading American tour group for 12 years. He is working back and forth between tourism and filming in Cambodia.

He has all the connection with Cambodian government people from low to high ranking in whole Cambodia to all local authority, including the former KR, his former enemy. He is often on TV screen with National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History, BBC and etc. not only as a fixer but he because the cultural experts.

He has worked with many film makers, producers, and production team around the world in the last 10 years, please check the link for his recent works as below or at

That what make Thai became the great asset for any production, and most experience production coordinator, production manager and fixer in Cambodia, no matter how big or small production shooting in Cambodia.